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Osprey in flight Kayaking Captiva

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The warm, shallow waters and mangrove islands of Pine Island Sound are protected behind Captiva and Sanibel Islands. They offer a scenic and unequalled opportunity to see tropical flora and fauna in its natural state.

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
Guided Tour of the Mangrove Ecosystem

Join a guided kayak tour or take off to explore on your own. You can rent kayaks right on Captiva at Adventure Sea Kayak & S.U.P., a wildlife tour and eco adventure company located on Captiva Island, Florida. Modern kayaks are safe, stable and comfortable - and easy to paddle: no experience needed. Learn about southwest Florida's unique plants, wildlife, geology and ancient peoples. Buck Key is an uninhabited island easily accessible from Captiva - only by kayak - with mangrove forests shading the winding aquatic trails and larger bays sheltered from wind. The J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge also has canoe and kayak trails including interior freshwater habitats. There are four other National Wildlife Refuges in the vicinity. These areas and others offer plenty of sights, sounds and smells to naturalists of all levels and ages.

Glassy Smooth Water at Dawn

Heading Out Early!

Enjoying the Day, Start to Finish

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
A Perfect Place for Kayaking
Glassy-smooth Waters of Pine Island Sound

The water is usually most calm in the early morning. Pine Island Sound behind Captiva is an ideal, sheltered area for kayaking, though breezes can pick up in the afternoon. Morning happens to be the best time to see most wildlife. Animals, birds, and fish are quite active and incredibly abundant, and the diffused light of early morning or late afternoon makes it easier to spot and photograph creatures.

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
A Vacation to Remember
Remote Beaches

Ocean-going canoes are thought to have brought the first settlers to Hawaii. You might not want a voyage of that magnitude, but advanced boaters may wish to explore beyond the protected waters of Pine Island Sound. Ask your guides about interesting islands, keys, beaches, and other areas of interest. Obviously sailboats and powerboats have a greater range than kayaks and canoes. Enjoy the natural environment and wildlife, but do respect private property where applicable.

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
Experience Fascinating Ecosystems
Paddling through the mangroves

An adventure for the wildlife naturalist as well as explorers of all types! There are "secret" trails and hidden coves in the mangrove forests that invite exploration in kayaks. No fear of getting lost... the danger is sunburn when the trail leaves the shade for the open water. Bring good sunblock, a hat and plenty of water for maximum enjoyment.

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
Kids of All Ages!

Shorter kids do well in the smaller crafts, but don't be fooled: they may paddle circles around the adults. These are some of the best kayak designs available, and carefully selected to fit the user's size and ability. This ensures a most enjoyable experience that you won't find elsewhere, and lets you concentrate on the wildlife and surroundings.

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
Sunset Kayaking on the Gulf
Living Each Day to the Fullest

However you spend your days at Captiva, we hope you make the most of your time and really enjoy yourselves. These kayakers returned to shore after admiring a mystically beautiful sunset from the quiet off-shore calm of the Gulf of Mexico. For several minutes they entertained a playful group of dolphins, making them the envy of shore-bound merrymakers. Perhaps next they went for a dip in the whirlpool spa or pool, then out to dinner at one of the great Captiva restaurants.

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
Exploring Mangrove Trails
Adventures - Yes, but Easy and Safe

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)

These new kayaks are wonderful: comfortable, safe, and so easy to paddle and steer. They glide through the water, and steer easily with the foot-controlled rudder. No previous experience or skills are required... all levels of paddlers are accommodated. Basic instruction will be provided along with tips for using the craft and for viewing wildlife. Many people, from young to mature, say this is the most fun they have at Captiva.

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
Aquatic Birds on a Sandbar
Going Where the Wildlife Is

Sometimes aquatic birds can be observed from the shore. But to really see them in their natural environment, you can go where the birds are using a kayak. This collection includes pelicans, great egrets, and seagulls taking a leisure stop on a sand bar.

Kayaking on Captiva Island, Florida (click to enlarge image)
Can We Rent Two Doggie Paddles?
Kayaking with Man's Best Friend!

Does your dog need a little rest and relaxation (adventure) too? Perhaps as a reward for their service and loyalty, this canine pair gets to enjoy a kayaking trip with the boss. Hey! They don't even have to paddle.

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